Ilantad ang mga pambulag na gimik at buladas ni Aquino

Ang Bayan
August 7, 2010

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Pampagwapong mga buladas sa salita, mga lumang bulok na patakaran sa gawa: Ito ang nabubuong kombinasyon sa pamamalakad ng kaluluklok na bagong papet na reaksyunaryong pangulong Benigno Aquino III.

NDF-Panay abides by the NDFP National Council's Proposed Concise Agreement to End Civil War and Achieve Just Peace Immediately

Concha Araneta
NDF - Panay
August 2, 2010

1Lt. Mark Andrew Posadas, public information officer of the 3rd Infantry Division (3ID), is as uninformed as his president when he declared on radio last week that the NPA in Panay is not interested in ceasefire because it continues to launch tactical offensives on the fascist military troops.

Response to military propaganda for surrender before peace talks

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
August 5, 2010

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today said that the 8th Infantry Division, by calling for the surrender of the revolutionary forces, highlighted the unjustness of the ceasefire-and-surrender line of the Aquino administration. "Through its program in a radio station last August 1, the 8th ID essentially dismissed the peace talks as irrelevant and called on the revolutionary forces to surrender first," said NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago Salas. "This is blatant disregard for discussing the basic reforms necessary to solving landlessness, joblessness and other causes of the people's poverty and suffering. On the part of the Aquino government, this would be displaying extreme laziness, belligerence and disregard for the common good."

People's Court metes capital punishment to a criminal intellegence asset of the 39th IB

Dencio Madrigal
Commander, Valentin Palamine Command, NPA-Far South Mindanao Region
August 4, 2010

Following the People's Court decision in FSMR the NPA meted the capital punishment on one of the most hated criminal intelligence assets of the 39th Infantry Battalion, 10th Infantry Division, Philippine Army.

Pahayag ng Pagtuligsa at Paglaban sa Black Magnetite Sand Mining ng mga dayuhan at Pamilyang Enrile sa mga Bayan ng Lallo, Camalaniugan at Aparri

Arnel Sandoval
BHB-Henry Abraham Command
Aogosto 4, 2010

Nakikiisa ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan-Henry Abraham Command sa mga mamamayan ng Silangang Cagayan sa pagtuligsa at pagkondena sa nagaganap na black magnetite sand mining sa mga bayan ng Lallo, Camalaniugan at Aparri. Ang pagmimina ng mga dayuhang Tsino at Taiwanese sa itim na buhangin ng Ilog Cagayan, sa pakikipagsabwatan sa pamilyang Enrile at sa lokal na gobyerno ng lalawigan, ay lantarang nang-aagaw sa lupa at kabuhayan ng mga magsasaka, lumalapastangan sa kalikasan at sa mga saligang karapatan ng mamamayan, at sukdulang sumasalaula sa pambansang soberanya at integridad.

Aquino's Truth Commission has holes to serve as Arroyo's way out--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
August 3, 2010

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today questioned the newly formed Truth Commission's ability to investigate and prosecute Gloria Arroyo for grievous crimes committed during her rule. Said the CPP, "there are serious doubts on whether the commission will be able to effectively and decisively address the Filipino people's widespread clamor to punish Arroyo. Built-in legal and judicial loopholes may even serve as Arroyo's way out."

The 39th IB trains and uses minors as action agents

Dencio Madrigal
Commander, Valentin Palamine Command, NPA-Far South Mindanao Region
July 31, 2010

May we express our deepest concern over the recent events in FarSouth Mindanao on the unconscionable exploitation of minors by the 39th Infantry Battalion of the 10th Infantry Division -- AFP. Its most recent victim is "Boy" (not his real name), a 17 year old of Brgy. Tagaytay, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur who has been trained and tasked to penetrate into an NPA unit and steal high powered rifles. At present, he is being paraded by the 39th IB as an "NPA child warrior." For the information of all, Boy has never been in the NPA roster as a combatant or in whatever capacity. Under the despicable design of the 39th IB the boy was able to enter the NPA camp under the auspices of the impostor and traitor Roger Parasa, his uncle, and cart away 2 high-powered rifles.

Oppose mass rail transit fare hike, privatization plan--CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
July 31, 2010

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today urged the Filipino people to unite and oppose plans by the Aquino government to hike fares in the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems. Government officials have confirmed plans to raise the fare citing rising operational costs and plans to reprivatize government-owned shares.