Appreciation for ILPS and Defend Committee and denunciation of false allegations

Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International League of Peoples' Struggle
9 April 2010

I appreciate deeply the campaign of the International League of Peoples'
Struggle (ILPS) and the International Committee DEFEND demanding that
the US, Dutch, EU and other governments stop using false allegations
fabricated and supplied by the reactionary Manila government for the
purpose of persecuting me.

Let the fires of armed struggle blaze like a prairie fire across the land

Ang Bayan April 7, 2010 editorial

The New People’s Army (NPA) and all the revolutionary forces are ready, able and determined to go allout in advancing guerrilla warfare to reach the strategic stalemate in the next five years.

Paglagablabin ang apoy ng armadong pakikibaka sa buong bansa

Ang Bayan Editorial - April 7, 2010 issue

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Sa buong bansa, may determinasyon, kahandaan at kakayahan ang mga pwersa ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan (BHB) at buong rebolusyonaryong pwersa na todo-largang isulong ang pakikidigmang gerilya hanggang maabot ang yugto ng estratehikong pagkapatas sa susunod na limang taon.

49 na armas nasamsam ng BHB sa mga labanan

News from Ang Bayan (April 7, 2010 issue)

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Apatnapu't siyam na armas ang nasamsam ng mga Pulang mandirigma ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan (BHB) sa magkakahiwalay na taktikal na opensiba nitong Marso. Labing-anim elemento ng kaaway ang napatay at di bababa sa pito ang nasugatan. Walang naiulat na kaswalti sa panig ng mga gerilya.

Tapuson ang hugaw nga operasyon ni Jovito Palparan sa Mindanao!

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
NDF - Mindanao
April 5, 2010

Gibuhian na usab sa rehimeng US-Arroyo ang iyang hiniktang itoy, si Ret. AFP Gen. Jovito ”Bedugo” Palaparan, tigpasiugda sa daghang pulitikal nga pagpamatay sa tibuok nasud uban sa iyang bandidong pundok sa mga sinuhulang tigpamatay aron manghilabot ning umaabot nga eleksyon.

The Filipino people must never allow the Ampatuan warlords to escape justice!

Jorge 'Ka Oris' Madlos
NDF - Mindanao
April 5, 2010

Four months after the brutal massacre of media workers and civilians on Nov. 23 last year, the reactionary Arroyo government and its bourgeois courts failed to punish the perpetrators of the mass murder in Maguindanao. Justice is still denied from the families, co-workers, friends and supporters of the victim, haplessly placed in the perpetual loop of waiting for any semblance of retribution against the masterminds of such heinous act.

Jovito "The Butcher" Palparan's dirty job in Mindanao must be stopped!

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Mindanao
April 5, 2010

The US-Arroyo regime once again let loose its most rabid attack dog, retired AFP Gen. Jovito "The Butcher" Palaparan, ruthless architect of political killings in the country and his band of killers-for-hire to meddle in the electoral race. Jovito Palparan is sowing its brand of terror in Mindanao to help quell the popular protest movement in Mindanao cities and prevent progressive local, national and partylist candidates from winning.

Release Dr. Sunil Mandiwal, Assistant Professor Delhi University Unconditionally!


185/3, Fourth Floor, Zakir Nagar, New Delhi—25

April 10, 2010

In yet another exercise on the side of the Delhi police and the Andhra
Special Intelligence Branch to browbeat all forms of dissent against
the anti-people policies of the UPA government at a time when the
state has declared an all out war on the poorest of the poor in this
country—the adivasis and the dalits—Dr. Sunil Mandiwal a Delhi
University lecturer, has been arrested in a joint operation for

Achieve strategic stalemate in five years -- CPP

Liberation International, March 31, 2010 issue

The CPP leadership, in its anniversary statement, calls on its forces to make a great advance in the people’s war for new democracy. It declares its determination to strive within the next five years to make the great advance from the stage of strategic defensive to the strategic stalemate, fulfilling all the requirements and without skipping any necessary phase.

Strategic stalemate means that the revolutionary armed forces shall have achieved parity in the revolutionary war against the armed forces of the reactionary government. The strategic stalemate paves the way for the next stage in the protracted people’s war, namely the strategic offensive, which pushes towards the nationwide victory in the struggle for national and social liberation...

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Stop the use of false allegations to persecute Prof. Jose Maria Sison and other Filipino Regugees

Dear Friends,

Warm greetings of solidarity!

The online signature campaign to stop the use of false allegations to persecute Prof. Jose Maria Sison and other Filipino refugees continues. We request you to access the following site and sign the online petition to show support against the continuing persecution of Prof. Sison and Filipino refugees:

Piñol Retaliates by Victimizing Innocent, Hapless Civilians

Dencio Madrigal
Valentin Palamine Command -- NPA-FarSouth Mindanao Region
4 April 2010

Totally humbled and chastised for having his CAFGUs disarmed right under his nose, Manny Piñol with the 57th IB and the 40th IB - AFP have launched a program of retaliation and persecution against ordinary, hapless civilians and his very own constituents. He has ordered a massive military operation in the outlying barrios of Mlang, Makilala and Tulunan, including the peace zone areas.

10th ID-AFP's 'serve the people' claims, empty rhetoric

Rubi del Mundo
NDFP - Southern Mindanao
04 April 2010

The press release from the 10th Infantry Division-AFP (Mindanao Daily Mirror, April 1, page 4) hitting the New People's Army for what it calls a "show of unparalleled arrogance" in claiming to have killed six soldiers in the March 28 clash in Baganga, Davao Oriental is a classic deceptive propaganda hatched by 10th ID-AFP’s spin doctors.