Speaking peace, waging war

Martin Montana
Chadli Molintas Command
New People's Army
Ilocos-Cordillera Region
February 4, 2010

Ongoing simultaneous and massive military operations in the Cordillera belie the recent pronouncements by DND Sec. Norberto Gonzales and 5th ID Commanding Gen. Rommel Gomez that the government and the AFP will intensify their peacemaking efforts as part of the final phase of the campaign to defeat the revolutionary armed movement by June 2010. These military operations were valiantly met, countered, and foiled by respective NPA provincial operations commands in Abra, Kalinga and Mountain Province, inflicting heavy casualties on AFP units.

The Lejo Cawilan Command, NPA-Kalinga, ambushed at 8:00 AM of February 4 a unit of the 21st IB in Mabaca, Balbalan. Three AFP troopers were killed, two M16 rifles and several hundreds of rounds of ammunition were captured by the NPA. There were no NPA casualties.

The Agustin Begnalen Command, NPA-Abra, launched successive tactical offensives against operating units of the 50 th and 41st IB. At 9:00 AM of January 31,operating troops of A Coy, 50 t h IB were ambushed in Kili, Tubo. A government trooper was killed and two were wounded. At 4:00 PM of the same day, operating troops of the 41st IB were ambushed at the boundary of barangays Lat-ey and Mataragan, Malibcong. Five soldiers were killed and eight others were wounded. At 11:00 PM of February 1, a second ambush was sprung in Kili, Tubo causing the deaths of five government troopers and the wounding of eight others. At around 4:00 PM of February 2, another ambush was staged in Lat-ey, Malibcong causing the deaths of nine troopers and 11 wounded. There were no NPA casualties in any of these incidents.

The Leonardo Pacsi Command, NPA-Mountain Province, ambushed at 9:00 AM of January 27 a platoon of the 54 th IB in Mt. Bato, Mainit, Bontoc killing six government troopers and wounding four others. An M16 rifle, telescopic sights, and other military paraphernalia were seized by the NPA. Military air and artillery assets pounded the area several hours after the NPA withdrew. The air strikes and artillery barrages that continued over the next few days severely damaged local waterworks, irrigation canals, and ricefields. The NPA suffered no casualties.

Large-scale troop movements by the 21st IB were also observed by NPA intelligence assets along the Kalinga-Mountain Province boundary presumably to provide blocking forces or reinforcements for other beleaguered military units in the area. The timing, scope, and pattern of the military's troop movements are indicative of a division-level operation that may be linked to securing the venue for the upcoming Balikatan 2010 in the region. The 5 th ID is now withholding details from media to hide the rising number of casualties inflicted upon its operating units.

Ironically, when Gen. Gomez was in his hometown in Bontoc, Mountain Province last January 21 to deliver a speech on the military's supposed all-out peace efforts, he and his subordinates were putting the finishing touches to this ambitious operation.

DND Sec. Gonzales claimed the Arroyo government is now in the endgame of its campaign to defeat the revolutionary movement. According to him, this will involve direct "negotiations" with the relatives and allocation of funds for the livelihood of NPA fighters, localized peace talks, and the mobilization of various sectors to advocate peace and development. He obviously meant coercing the families of known and suspected revolutionaries to surrender their relatives, promising money to entice NPA fighters to surrender, and mobilizing all government agencies and right-wing institutions for an all-out propaganda offensive. How he sees these worn out tactics ending a 41-year people's war in the next five months truly defies logic.

Sec. Gonzales and Gen. Gomez speak of peace while at the same time unleashing their armed minions to wreak havoc on the people. This comes as no surprise, especially because the Arroyo regime is known for its rabid use of violence and deception. Large-scale military operations continue in the Cordillera hinterland, helicopters regularly ferry supplies and provide overwatch for AFP commando and regular units, OV10 bombers conduct airstrikes against suspected NPA positions and populated areas. In the end, these operations are doomed to fail. AFP ground and air units scouring the forests, patrolling villages, and bombing suspected NPA emplacements only incur the ire of the people because of their numerous violations of human rights and the atrocious damage they continue to wreak on livestock, crops and property. They will fail to inflict harm on NPA units that flexibly use guerilla tactics to seize the initiative, dictate the tempo of battle, and vanish from sight.

503rd brigade mounts desperate military campaign in ABRA

Suffers more than 40 casualties in 4 clashes in Malibcong and in Tubo
Bombs ancestral hunting grounds, farms and pasturelands

Ka Diego Wadagan
Agustin Begnalen Command
February 3, 2010

In a desperate effort to fulfill the illusory target of "rendering the revolutionary movement into inconsequential level" before the end of the term of Gloria-Macapagal Arroyo, under Oplan Bantay Laya 2; in preparation for the arrival of US troops in the Ilocos Provinces for the Balikatan Exercises come mid-February; and in pursuit of big mining interests and whims of Abra warlords, the AFP's 503rd Brigade under the direction of the 5ID mounted a desperate province-wide military campaign. But already, fascist troops suffered heavy casualties, with the NPA guerillas successfully mounting 3 tactical offensives, and 1 counter-offensive

Straight from the 5ID HQ in Gamu, Isabela, troops poured into the province starting January 24, 2010, after a brief tactical pull-out last December 2009 from previous forward positions in the towns of Sallapadan, Daguioman, Lacub, Tineg and Malibcong. 41st IB troopers were soon re-positioned in Sallapadan, and Daguioman, and later in Lacub and Tineg towns. Commando platoons crept into Malibcong on January 27, 2010, destroying vegetable gardens and newly- planted rice seedlings along their route in an effort to evade detection by by-passing barrios along the way. Simultaneously in Tubo, 50th IB troopers entered the town. NPA guerillas patiently monitored these troop movements and prepared to pounce on the fascist soldiers.

On January 31, 2010, at around 8:30 am, an NPA unit in Tubo briefly engaged soldiers from the Alpha Coy, 50th IB, in Barangay Kili, instantly killing 1 soldier and wounding 2 others. During the same day at around 3:10 pm, an NPA squad ambushed soldiers of the 41st IB in the mountain boundary of Barangays Mataragan and Lat-ey, killing 5 soldiers and wounding 8 others; 1 platoon of the 41st IB soldiers retreated to sitios Matalibeng and Putol, while other fascist soldiers managed to maneuver and gain high ground, forcing the NPA squad to retreat a few hundred meters away from the battle ground. Helicopters arrived at around 5pm, but managed only to fire machine guns to unknown targets. The battle stopped at 6pm.

On February 1, 2010, helicopters and OV-10 jetplanes fired machineguns indiscriminately in Tubo and Malibcong towns, and fired rocketbombs in areas later to be used as attack routes of reinforcing fascist troops.

On February 1, 2010, at 11pm another ambush was undertaken by NPA guerillas in Barangay Kili, Tubo, killing 5 soldiers and wounding 8 others. The following day, at 1 pm, an NPA unit resting in Sitio Kuling, Barangay Lat-ey was attacked by 41st IB soldiers. But the NPA guerillas successfully outmaneuvered the fascist troops, and mounted a counter- offensive. After 2.5 hours of fierce fighting, reports reveal that 41st IB soldiers suffered 20 casualties, with 9 killed and 11 wounded. Again, attack helicopters and OV-10 bombers indiscriminately fired machineguns and fired 8 rocketbombs in ancestral hunting grounds, farms and pasturelands in the boundaries of Bangilo and Mataragan, Abra and Kalinga, and in Umnap.

Far from the 503rd Brigade's claim of bringing real development programs in these municipalities, token and graft-ridden projects have been implemented. The so-called development projects are actually mining projects, Abra having a minimum of 36 mining applications; these mining applications are mostly located in the upland municipalities where the 503rd Brigade focused it's intelligence, combat and civil-military operations for the past 2-3 years.

Aside from mining interests, the current military campaign undertaken by the 5th ID, particularly that of the 503rd Brigade, is preparatory to the scheduled Joint US-RP Military Exercises or "Balikatan Exercises." These annual Balikatan Exercises is a manifestation of direct US military control over the AFP, and a ploy to hide direct US intervention in the internal affairs of the Philippines, such as the GMA Regime's terroristic Oplan Bantay Laya 2 that officializes extra- judicial killings, enforced disappearances, and militarization of the countryside that degrades human lives, private and collective properties of indigenous peoples' into mere "collateral damages," as 1st Lt. Edward Sia-ed repeatedly refers to damages inflicted by bombings and military abuses.

Time and again, the people of Abra have thwarted incursions by big logging and mining companies and dam projects because clearly, these projects will benefit multinational companies and their bureaucrat cohorts, and will be detrimental to the individual and collective rights of the people of Abra, Tingguians and Ilocanos alike. The AFP and some provincial officials of Abra, acting in behalf of US imperialism and big mining companies, cannot impose these projects. The people shall prevail, and the revolutionary movement will be with them.

CPP congratulates NPA for string of victories in the Cordillera and Bicol regions

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines

Press Release
February 2, 2010

CPP congratulates NPA for string of victories in the Cordillera and Bicol regions

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today congratulated the New People’s Army (NPA) for its recent string of military victories in the Cordillera and Bicol regions saying “these signals great advances in the people's war this 2010.”

In the Cordillera, the NPA roundly frustrated the all-out military operations of the Philippine Army’s 5th Infantry Division and successfully carried out a series of battles against attacking government forces in the Mountain Province and Abra. Also last January, the NPA engaged the state armed forces in 37 encounters including one ambush, one raid, numerous other military actions as well as defensive turned offensive actions.

Citing reports by local NPA units and other revolutionary organizations, the CPP highlighted the following military actions of the NPA carried out in the month of January in the Ilocos-Cordillera at Bicol regions alone :

* On January 27, with the support of the masses, the NPA ambushed an elite platoon of the 54th IB led by 1Lt. Victor Leopoldo at the vicinity of Mt. Bato in Mainit, Bontoc resulting in the annihilation of five elements and the wounding of another four.

* On January 31, three more troopers of the Pilippine Army’s 50th IB were killed in a fight with an NPA unit in Tubo, a southern Abra barangay bordering the Mountain Province.

* On the same day, NPA forces almost wiped out another platoon of the 41st IB in Barangay Lap-ey in Malibcong. Five government troopers were killed and another eight were wounded.

* Last January 14, the NPA successfully ambushed the Special Operations Team of the 2nd IB in Baranggay Taplacon, Camalig, Albay resulting in the death of Pfc. Michael Sacza.

* On January 15, two enemy soldiers belonging to the 49th IB were killed when NPA Red fighters fired upon the military truck in Baranggay Palogtok, Irosin, Sorsogon.

* On the same day, four soldiers belonging to the 9th IB were killed and six others were wounded when their vehicle was ambushed in Baranggay Lalaguna, Mobo, Masbate.

* On January 20, an NPA commando team set an explosion damaging the walls and guardhouse of the 9th IB and the PNP-RMG at Baranggay Armenia, Unson, Masbate.

All in all, at least 28 enemy soldiers were killed in the Cordillera and Bicol regions and 25 others wounded. Four NPA Red fighters were martyred.

The CPP denounced the brutal, destructive ways of the attacking government troops. “In the Mountain Province, ground operations of the 54th IB were accompanied by three days of aerial bombings by helicopter gunships and jet planes, resulting in the destruction of rice paddies and terraces, irrigation canals, and domestic water systems, and the burning of mountainside forests in the towns of Mainit and Guinaang.”

In Albay, elements of the special operations team (SOT) of the 901st Brigade abducted Ananias Cardiente Jr and Vicente Moradillo last January 15 in Baranggay Taplacon, Camalig. On January 30, elements of the 2nd ID fired and killed Vergel Mapola Catubig in Baranggay Lawinon, Pio Duran.

“In the face of the government forces’ brutal suppression of the people's rights, wanton destruction of the people’s economy and utter disregard of the people’s interest,” the CPP said “the masses in the area and their army have remained undaunted and have been able to fight with virtuosity in guerrilla tactics against the ineffective government armed forces.

“These victories in battle of the NPA belie pratings of the US-Arroyo regime and its top defense and military officials that the armed revolutionary movement will be drastically reduced to inconsequence if not totally defeated by the end of the present term of the ruling regime and at the same time the end of its brutal nine-year “counter-insurgency” program—Oplan Bantay Laya.

The CPP said that the recent victories of the NPA in the Cordillera and Bicol regions are only a few of the many victories nationwide. “With these victories, the people's war is on track to developing from the present stage of strategic defensive to the stage of strategic stalemate by the middle of the decade.”

CPP derides Gonzales’ “final phase of counter-insurgency”

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines

Press Release
February 2, 2010

CPP derides Gonzales’ “final phase of counter-insurgency”

The Communist Party of the Philippines today scoffed in derision at Defense Secretary and National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales for claiming that the government is now ready to shift to the “final phase” of ending the 42-year old CPP-led people’s war—the most enduring in the world in the last several decades.

Gonzales has recently been doing the rounds of AFP regional commands and declaring that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) had “done more than enough” in terms of military action to finish the communist armed rebellion and it was now time “to start the process of concluding the (counter-insurgency) campaign.”

The Arroyo regime has directed the AFP to reduce to inconsequence the CPP-led New People’s Army (NPA) by June 30.

The CPP dismissed Gonzales’ pronouncements as “delusional pratings,” saying that Gonzales’ claims are the exact opposite of the truth.

The CPP said that nine years of the AFP’s Oplan Bantay Laya (OBL) tested the mettle, tempered and even goaded the growth and further advance of the armed national-democratic revolutionary movement.

“The NPA has been able to launch an average of more than one tactical offensive a day against the enemy forces. OBL’s barbarities against the masses have only resulted in more recruits into the people’s army. Instead of losing guerrilla fronts as Gonzales and the AFP are claiming, the revolutionary movement has in fact expanded and further consolidated its guerrilla fronts.”

“Contrary to Gonzales’ claim that it has been steadily on the decline, the entire revolutionary movement is now in the process of preparing to advance the people’s war from the stage of strategic defensive to the next higher level—the stage of strategic stalemate,” the CPP said further.

If Gonzales and the AFP high command would like to launch their “‘end-game”’ offensive in the final phase of OBL, we are ready for them, said the CPP. “As usual, no matter how many fascist armed troops they throw in our direction, we will whittle them down as they come, annihilate their scattered forces and absorb their strength,” the CPP declared.

NPA pays tribute to three revolutionary martyrs; slams the 10th ID-AFP's hypocrisy

Regional Political Department
New People’s Army-Southern Mindanao

Press Statement
02 February 2010

NPA pays tribute to three revolutionary martyrs; slams the 10th ID-AFP's hypocrisy

The revolutionary movement pays the highest tribute to comrades, Ka Wilmar, Ka Lim and Ka Jimmy, for their selfless avocation to serve the people. Their revolutionary martyrdom is cherished by the many masses especially in Compostela Valley and Davao del Norte, and surely their death is as heavy as the mountain Apo for their selflessness to serve the revolution. For us comrades and the oppressed masses, their lives and times will serve as a beacon for inspiration to further intensify the revolutionary armed struggle.

Ka Wilmar, Ka Lim and Ka Jimmy along with Ka Jinggoy of the 4th Pulang Bagani Company-NPA (4th PBC-NPA) were raided last Saturday, January 30 in Laak, Davao del Norte. Ka Jinggoy was captured and wounded.

There is no basis for the 10th Infantry Division of the AFP to say that the incident is an indication that the US-Arroyo regime’s counterrevolutionary Oplan Bantay Laya is successful. The fascist 10th ID-AFP spread the lie that its 8th Special Forces Battalion "encountered" more than 20 Red fighters instead of the fact that they conducted the raid against a four-man team led by Ka Jinggoy. This is AFP's pure self-serving propaganda to save face in their failure to quash the revolutionary movement four months onto their deadline.

The 10th ID-AFP is also orchestrating moves to demonstrate magnanimity by according Ka Jinggoy medical care at the same time filing various criminal cases and malicious charges. Already well-exposed as atrocious, the 10th ID-AFP generals attempt to score propaganda points by hypocritically treating well a known NPA commander and yet giving him the status of a captured criminal; remember that they masterminded and killed Ka Jinggoy's 57-year old father Conrado Canete last November.

The New People’s Army in Southern Mindanao challenged the 10th ID-AFP to treat Ka Jinggoy as a prisoner of war under international humanitarian law and war protocols -- in the same way that the NPA humanely treated and respected the rights of numerous captured AFP combatants declared as POWs. The 10th ID-AFP is desperate to make Ka Jinggoy as its prized catch to coerce NPA combatants to give up arms. The current Philippine realities push many more masses to join the NPA and continue what Ka Jinggoy, Ka Wilmar, Ka Lim and Ka Jimmy had valiantly fought for.

(Sgd) Ka Simon Santiago
Political Director
Regional Political Department
New People’s Army-Southern Mindanao

CPDF congratulates NPA-Mountain Province for its successful tactical offensive

Simon "Ka Filiw" Naogsan
Cordillera People's Democratic Front
January 28, 2010

The Cordillera People's Democratic Front congratulates the Leonardo Pacsi Command (LPC) of the New People's Army (NPA)-Mountain Province for their successful tactical offensive last January 27. The LPC's mastery of the terrain, high spirits and guerrilla tactics allowed them to outmaneuver the superiorly equipped mercenary troops of the AFP.

Two weeks ago, B/Gen. Rommel Gomez, Commanding Officer of the 5th Infantry Division, announced in Bontoc, Mountain Province the return of the 54th IB from its ineffective stint in Maguindanao, Mindanao. He said the 54th IB will be deployed as augmentation peace force in Mountain Province. He assured these troops do not come to look for combat but to offer assistance in search for peace. His duplicity is like his commander in chief -- he talks of peace and yet dispatches a large contingent of troops to conduct military operations. And military operations are anathema to the concepts and practice of the national minorities over their rights of ancestral lands. Afterward B/Gen. Gomez's announcement, the 5th ID launched massive military operations mobilizing its three organic infantry brigades -- 501st , 502nd and 503rd -- targeting selected areas in the Mountain Province, Abra, Kalinga, and Ilocos Sur.

At 10:27 AM on January 27, a unit of the LPC outmaneuvered an elite platoon of the 54th IB led by 1Lt. Victor Leopoldo, at the vicinity of Mt. Bato in Mainit, Bontoc a day after the massive division-directed military operations began.

The use of massive combat troops from the 54th , 50th and 21st IB with air support from helicopter gunships and a jet plane failed to daunt the determination of the NPA and close participation of the oppressed indigenous people of the Mountain Province.

Military bombardment and strafing operations lasted for three days. While there was not a single NPA casualty, the indiscriminate bombing had adverse economic impact on the people. The bombings resulted in the destruction of irrigation canals, rice paddies and terraces, and domestic water systems of the barrios of Mainit and Guinaang. Out of sheer desperation, these mercenary AFP troops burn mountainsides.

The successful ambush highlights the failure of the Arroyo regime's concluding Oplan Bantay Laya 2 and is a contribution to the advancement of the people's war in the Cordillera. It is a slap in the face of Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales' pronouncement to reduce the NPA to an inconsequential level before Gloria Arroyo steps down in June.

The victory is due to the people's participation and support especially from intelligence and supplies afforded by the revolutionary mass organizations as well as the denial of information to the fascist troops.

The CPDF censures the AFP's spin masters, especially 501st Bde commanding officer Col. Remegio De Vera, for concocting claims of "numerous NPA casualties." We call on the Red fighters of the NPA in the Cordillera to replicate the recent exemplary performance of the LPC and further contribute to the advance the people's war. Further, Igorot military officers and foot soldiers must desist from being used as pawns in the national oppression of their fellow indigenous peoples.

In defeating the opening salvo of the Arroyo regime's military operations in the Cordillera this year, the CPDF again raises the call for total preparations to defend the land, life and livelihood: Fetad!

NPA in Mountain Province scores against AFP 5th ID

Ka Magno Udyao
Leonardo Pacsi Command, NPA - Mountain Province
January 28, 2010

The Leonardo Pacsi Command (LPC) - New People's Army, Mountain Province successfully outmaneuvered operating troops of the 54th IB last January 27, killing five troopers and wounding four others. Employing their mastery of the terrain, high morale and teamwork, the Red fighters opened fire at 10:27 in the morning at Mt. Bato in Mainit, Bontoc surprising enemy troops led by 1Lt. Victor Leopoldo. An M-16 rifle, an ammo pouch, a telescope, and other military equipment were seized by the Red fighters. There was no casualty on the NPA side.

As expected, 5th ID commanding officer B/Gen. Rommel Gomez let loose a barrage of firepower on the area long after the NPA successfully withdrew to safer grounds. Up to three helicopters and one jet plane were utilized in the bombing runs, aside from mortars and possibly a 105mm howitzer. About 14 bombs and many mortar shells were indiscriminately dropped on the surrounding forests and fields for three days.

Simultaneous with the massive combat troop movements in Upland Bontoc last January 23-24, combat troops from the 50th IB entered the northern boundary of Besao and Sagada and took positions at Mt. Langsayan and Mt. Buasao. Likewise, a unit of the 21st IB was observed in Sadanga. Last January 11, B/Gen. Gomez gave the go signal to launch attacks against the revolutionary forces and the people.

Even as the LPC unit slipped past the military cordon to safe grounds, the 5th ID kept on air- dropping troops at Mt. Lalangnan. They can saturate the mountains with more troops, but there are enough pine trees to hide us.

The LPC deplores the 5th ID's callous disregard for people's welfare. With no clear targets, the volume of ordnance expended served more to instill fear on the population than to cause harm to the NPA. The indiscriminate bombing and mortar shelling have damaged the water pipelines of Guinaang and Mainit. Damage to irrigation canals and rice paddies could not be determined yet. Likewise, casualties on cows and carabao that grazed in the communal pasture lands between Sagada and Bontoc cannot be ascertained as yet.

The LPC stands ready and prepared to defend the ili, land, life and livelihood of the indigenous people of the Mountain Province. We are ready and look forward to doing our share in defeating the Arroyo regime's Oplan Bantay Laya 2. At the same time, we call on the people of the Mountain Province to prepare to engage the fascist troops head-on. Mabtad taku am-in!

Kundenahin ang Pagdukot at Pamamaslang sa Inosenteng Sibilyan ng AFP

Gregorio Bañares
National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Bicol
Pebrero 1, 2010

Mariing kinukundena ng NDF-Bicol ang sunud-sunod na pagdukot at pamamaslang sa mga inosenteng sibilyan na ginagawa ng 2nd IDPA at 901st Brigade sa probinsya ng Albay. Walang pakundangang binaril at napatay ang sibilyang si Vergel Mapola Catubig ng mga militar sa isang pistahan sa Bgy. Lawinon, Pio Duran, Albay noong Enero 30 ng umaga.

Mga elemento rin ng special operations team (SOT) ng 901st Brigade ang dumukot sa mga magsasakang sina Ananias Cardiente Jr. at Vicente Moradillo noong Enero 15, 2010 sa Bgy. Taplacon, Camalig, Albay. Nawawala pa ang dalawa hanggang sa ngayon. Isa pang sibilyan sa Camalig ang dinukot, ginilitan ng leeg at pinatay at natagpuan ang bangkay sa sakop na ng bayan ng Jovellar.

Ang mga pamamaslang ay bahagi ng taktikang terror at maruming psy-war na sistematikong ginagamit ng 901st Brigade upang maghasik ng takot sa mamamamayan at kasabay ibintang sa BHB ang kanilang karumaldumal na mga krimen.

Kalupitan ng 9th IDPA sa Sorsogon, Pagbayarin!

Gregorio Bañares
National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Bicol
Pebrero 1, 2010

Sagadsaring sinungaling si Maj. Harold Cabunoc ng 9th Infantry Division at pilit na binabaliktad ang pangyayari sa labanang naganap sa Bgy. Banwang Gurang, Donsol, Sorsogon kahapon ng hapon. Hindi ang BHB ang nagsasagawa ng ambus sa umano'y 3 nakasibilyang sundalo at CAFGU kundi ang militar ang umatake sa mga pulang mandirigma.

Ngunit mahusay na nakapanlaban ang isang tim ng BHB at napinsalaan ng malaki ang umaatakeng sundalo at CAFGU. Dalawa ang patay at 4 ang sugatan kabilang ang sarhento na kumander ng 22nd IB-CAFGU detatsment, habang isang pulang mandirigma ang nagbuwis ng buhay sa labanan.

Sa sobrang aburido ng militar, walang pakundangang nagwala ito sa lugar at dinukot ang ilang sibilyan, may ginilitan ng leeg, at marami ang binubug. Iligal na inaresto ang sibilyang si Rolly Deloso at pinaratangang kasapi ng BHB. Dapat pagbayarin ang pamunuan ng 9th IDPA at mga tauhang sangkot sa kalupitang ginawa sa mga sibilyan.

Sunod sunod na mga taktikal na opensiba ngayong Enero

Gregorio Bañares
National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Bicol
Enero 31, 2010

Koordinado at magkakasunod na mga taktikal na opensiba sa buong rehiyon ang pambungad na bigwas ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan sa berdugo at pasistang 9th Infantry Division-PA at PNP sa taong 2010. Sa kabila ng pagyayabang ni Maj.Gen. Ruperto Pabustan na nabawasan nila ng malaki ang pwersa ng BHB noong nakaraang taon ng 2009, nakapaglunsad ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan ng di-bababa sa tatlumpu't tatlong opensibang aksyong militar at nagkaroon ng apat na depensibang labanan sa buwan lamang ng Enero.

Ang mga opensibang aksyon ng BHB ay kinabibilangan ng isang ambus, isang reyd, limang pamamarusa at dalawampu't anim na operasyong atritibo sa mga probinsya ng Camarines Sur, Albay, Sorsogon, Catanduanes at Masbate. Sa kabuuang 37 na labanan (opensiba at depensiba) umabot sa 20 ang kumpirmadong namatay sa mga pasistang tropa at 20 ang sugatan habang mas marami pa ang bilang ng kaswalti sa AFP-PNP at CAFGU na itinago ng militar. Napangalagaan ang kapakanan ng mga sibilyan at walang nadamay sa naturang mga labanan.

Pinakamatingkad at pinakamarami ang aksyong militar sa Masbate, Albay, Camarines Sur at Sorsogon. Matagumpay na inambus sa Albay ang special operations team (SOT) ng 2nd IB sa Bgy. Taplacon, Camalig noong Enero 14 na ikinamatay ng isang Pfc. Michael Sacza. Hinaras at pinaputukan naman ng mga pulang mandirigma ng Celso Minguez Command-Sorsogon ang mga sundalong sakay ng trak sa Bgy. Palogtok, Irosin noong Enero 15 na nagresulta sa pagkamatay ng dalawang sundalo at pitong sugatan sa 49th IB.

Sa probinsya ng Masbate, apat na sundalo ng 9th IB ang namatay at sugatan ang anim na iba pa nang pasabugan ng command detonated explosive ang kanilang sinasakyan sa Bgy. Lalaguna, Mobo noong Enero 15. Pagkalipas ng limang araw noong Enero 20, pinasabugan ng isang komando tim ng Jose Rapsing Command ang pader at guard house sa harapan ng kampo ng PNP-RMG at 9th IB sa Bgy. Armenia, Uson na nagresulta sa pagkamatay ng apat na sundalo ng 9th IB na nagbabantay ng mga oras na iyon.

Nakumpiska naman ng Jose Rapsing Command ang dalawang bushmaster na riple at isang shotgun nang ireyd ng isang platun ng BHB ang bahay ng kandidatong si Monching Radan sa Bgy. Taguilid, Claveria, Masbate noong Enero 16.

Matagumpay ding naparusahan ng BHB ang kasapi ng Military Intelligence Group (MIG) na si Joel Mitra noong Enero 27 sa Bgy. Tigbao, Aroroy, Masbate at nakumpiska ang isang Ingram machine pistol, isang kalibre .45 baril, dalawang .38 rebolber, isang shotgun, teleskopyo at daan-daang mga bala.

Tatlo pang mga aktibong impormer ng Military Intelligence Group (MIG) ng AFP ang naparusahan ng BHB sa iba't ibang lugar sa bayan ng Aroroy at Cawayan, Masbate. Kabilang dito si Toto Ortis na may kaso ng panggagahasa noong Agosto 2009 ng isang 16-taong gulang na estudyante ng Malbog Highschool sa Cawayan, Masbate; Sally Flores ng San Pablo, Aroroy na nanggahasa din ng sariling anak; at Junti Becamon ng Polot, Cawayan na isa ring pusakal na mangangalabaw.

Dumanas din ng apat na depensibang labanan ang mga pulang mandirigma. Kahit naunahan ng militar, magiting na nakapanlaban ang mga pulang mandirigma at napinsalaan ng malaki ang mga pasistang tropa. Sa Bgy. Banuang Gurang, Donsol, Sorsogon tinangkang kubkubin ng militar at CAFGU ang isang tim ng BHB nitong Enero 29 ng hapon ngunit ang militar ang namatayan ng 2 sundalo at CAFGU at sugatan ang apat na iba pa nang mahusay na makapanlaban ang mga pulang mandirigma. Sa depensibang labanan sa Magallanes, Sorsogon noong Enero 11 ay dalawa ang kumpirmadong namatay sa 49th IB at tatlo ang sugatan na kinarga ng masa at isinakay sa bangka ng militar. Apat na pulang mandirigma ang nagbuwis ng buhay at namartir sa apat na depensibang labanan.

Pinabubulaanan ng mga aksyong militar ng BHB ang saywar ng 9th ID na mahina na ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa rehiyon, at pinatutunayan ang lubos na pagkabigo ng Oplan Bantay Laya ng pasistang rehimeng US-Arroyo. Isang mariing sampal din ito sa liderato ni Maj. Gen. Ruperto Pabustan ng 9th IDPA na nagyayabang kamakailan na kaya niyang tapusin ang problema ng insurhensya sa rehiyon sa buwan ng Hunyo ng kasalukuyang taon.

Pekeng mga tagumpay at mas maraming mga kasinungalingan ng 9th ID sa Bikol

Gregorio Bañares
National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Bicol
Enero 30, 2010

Peke at nilubid na mga kasinungalingan ang ipinangangalandakang tagumpay ng 9th Infantry Division -Philippine Army noong 2009 laban sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan ng Bikol. Sa sobrang desperasyon ng 9th IDPA na madurog o mapahina ang rebolusyonaryong pakikibaka sa rehiyon at sa paghahangad ng dagdag na estrelya sa balikat ng kanilang pinuno na si Maj. Gen. Ruperto Pabustan, naglulubid ito ng ulat ng mga pekeng tagumpay laban sa BHB habang patuloy na itinatago ang malaking bilang ng kanilang mga kaswalti sa labanan.

Imbensyon lang ng maruming imahinasyon at bahagi ng saywar ng mga upisyal ng 9th IDPA ang ipinagyayabang nitong nabuwag na isang 'mayor na larangang gerilya' at nakubkob na mga kampo ng BHB sa rehiyon noong nakaraang taon. Kahit ang mass media sa rehiyon ay hindi naniwala sa pagyayabang ni Gen. Pabustan dahil hindi ito makapagpakita ng kahit isang larawan ng diumano'y anim na mga kampo ng BHB na kanilang nakubkob. Ang totoo'y mga karaniwang bahay lang ito ng mga sibilyan na pinalilitaw ng 83rd IBPA na mga kampo ng BHB upang merong maiulat at sinadyang pinili sa pinakanugnog na lugar ng Catanduanes upang mahirapang abutin ng mga kagawad ng mass media sakaling magkainteres silang tingnan ang mga ito.

Maliban sa ilang sibilyang iligal na inaresto at pinalitaw na mga sumukong kasapi ng BHB, hindi maiharap ni Gen. Pabustan sa media ang ipinagyayabang nitong 59 'rebel returnees' na ang ilan ay nakikinabang na umano ng 'livelihood training package'. Ang totoo, sadyang pinalalaki ang bilang ng mga pekeng 'rebel returnees' upang mas malaki ang makurakot na pondo ng mga upisyal ng 9th ID mula sa Social Integration Program (SIP) ng pasistang rehimen, at ginagamit ang mga pekeng 'rebel returnees' sa kampanyang saywar ng rehimen.

Hindi maunawaan at hindi kailanman mauunawaan ng mga heneral ng AFP na kahit nagbuwis ng buhay ang ilang mandirigma ng BHB sa mga labanan, mas marami ang pumapalit at higit na marami ang handang magpultaym mula sa ilampung libong aktibistang masa at daan-daang libong baseng masa sa kanayunan at kalunsuran. Kaya't palaging nanghuhula (at sumasablay) ang 9th IDPA sa tunay na armadong lakas ng BHB sa rehiyon na umano'y bumaba sa bilang na 400 mula sa 600 noong Disyembre 2008.

Pantastiko at sobrang hambog ang pahayag ni Gen. Pabustan na matatapos na ang problema ng insurhensya sa rehiyong Bikol sa buwan ng Hunyo ngayong taon. Ni hindi nga maabot ni Gen. Pabustan ang orihinal nitong target na tatlong larangang gerilya na dudurugin sa loob ng mahigit walong buwan bilang kumander ng 9th IDPA, ngunit nagmamagaling itong tatapusin sa loob ng ilang buwan ang di-nagawa ng labing-apat na taon ng pasistang paghahari sa ilalim ng batas-militar at mababagsik na kampanyang militar ng apat na papet na rehimen na durugin ang rebolusyonaryong armadong pakikibaka ng mamamayan sa rehiyon.

Wala nang magagawa si Gen. Pabustan sa natitirang kulang sa anim na buwan na ibinigay na taning ni Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo upang durugin ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa Bikol. Sa maksimum hahabulin na lang ni Gen. Pabustan na umimbento ng mga pekeng tagumpay para sa hinahangad na promosyon tulad ng pagpapakulo ng mas maraming 'rebel returnees' at 'mass grave', panlilinlang at huwad na civil-military operations (CMO) upang pagtakpan ang karumaldumal na mga krimen ng 9th ID, pagtatago sa publiko ng dumaraming bilang ng kanilang kaswalti, at pag-iipon ng malaking halaga para sa pansariling interes mula sa mga malalaking kumpanya sa pagmimina at negosyo na pinoprotektahan ng CAFGU at militar, iligal na sugal tulad ng jueteng, at mula sa mga reaksyunaryong pulitiko na kinokotongan ng militar bilang proteksyon sa panahon ng eleksyon.

Sa kabilang banda, puspusan ngayon ang ginagawang paghahanda ng mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa kasama ang mamamayan sa Bikol upang harapin ang malalaking hamon at tungkulin sa higit na pagpapaigting ng digmang bayan para makapag-ambag sa pagkakamit ng malalaking pagsulong tungo sa estratehikong pagkapatas ng digmang bayan sa buong bansa sa susunod na limang taon.